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Med Electrolux spisar får du läckra resultat i kombination med raffinerad design och full flexibilitet med olika kombinationer av funktioner, exceptionell effektivitet med hänsyn till miljön.

Electrolux spisar finns representerade i olika serier för att möta dina specifika behov. Vi erbjuder ett stort urval el- och gasenheter.
Varje modell ger dig högkvalitativa resultat. Varje gång.

Det som inspirerar utvecklingen hos Electrolux Professional foodservice är en hållbar design av varaktiga, lättanvända kök med hög prestanda och gröna lösningar.

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  • Modular Cooking Range Line<br>900XP 2 Drawer Ref-freezer Base

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP 2 Drawer Ref-freezer Base

    HP ref-freezer base with 2 drawers, -22/+8° C
    • Designed for modular installation into the cooking block.
    • Exclusive [i]IcyHot[/i] installation: combine the gas PowerGrill HP top or the gas Fry Top HP 1200 mm with the dual temperature refrigerated/freezer base HP and obtain a single appliance which simultaneously increases productivity and facilitates cooking and storage operations.
    • Unit delivered with 50 mm height adjustable feet in Stainless steel.
    • Adjustable temperature range from refrigerated to freezer mode (-20°C to 10 °C) to suit meat, fish and dairy storage requirements.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line<br>900XP Gas Solid Top on Gas Oven

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP Gas Solid Top on Gas Oven

    Gas solid top (10,5 kW) on gas oven (8,5 kW)
    • Gas heated, 10.5 kW central burner, solid top.
    • Durable cast iron cooking plate, easy to clean.
    • The center of the plate can reach a maximum temperature of 500 °C while decreasing outwards.
    • Central burner with optimized combustion, flame failure device and protected pilot light.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line<br>700XP 2 Drawer Refrigerated Base

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    700XP 2 Drawer Refrigerated Base

    Refrigerated base with 2GN1/1 drawers, +10-2°C, automatic evaporation of defrost condense
    • Defrosting and automatic evaporation of condense drain: the condense is automatically evaporated thanks to the electric resistance in the condense drain container.
    • GN compliant.
    • Designed for modular installation into the cooking block.
    • Unit can be easily installed below other 700 line top models.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line<br>900XP Automatic Basket Lifting System - 200 mm

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP Automatic Basket Lifting System - 200 mm

    Automatic programmable basket lifting system for 40lt pasta cookers, 3 lifters
    • Unit may be placed on either side of the pasta cooker or in combination with a second automatic lifting unit on the opposite side to provide lifting for 6 single portion square baskets
    • 200 mm wide automatic basket lifting system with 3 stainless steel basket supports, to provide lifting for one 1/3 basket per lifter (baskets are optional accessories to be ordered separately).
    • The electronic programmability and automatic lifting of the baskets make this unit a must for any kitchen wanting to standardize their cooking procedures.
    • Programmability and automatic lifting function guarantee repeatability of the cooking cycle, thus ensuring the same high quality of the food time after time due to the automation of the entire cooking process.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line<br>900XP Freestanding Electric Boiling Pan 60lt indirect heat

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    900XP Freestanding Electric Boiling Pan 60lt indirect heat

    60-lt electric boiling pan with pressure switch, indirect heating
    • All major compartments located in front of unit for ease of maintenance.
    • Appliance is IPX5 water resistance certified.
    • Closed heating system – no waste of energy.
    • Discharge tube and tap are very easy to clean from outside.

  • Modular Cooking Range Line<br>700XP 2-Burner Gas Boiling Top

    Modular Cooking Range Line
    700XP 2-Burner Gas Boiling Top

    2-burner (5,5 kW each) gas boiling top
    • Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards, bridging supports or cantilever systems.
    • The two 5.5 kW high efficiency flower flame burners allow the flame to adapt to different size pans.
    • Gas appliance supplied for use with natural or LPG gas, conversion jets supplied as standard.
    • Large sized pan support in cast iron (stainless steel as option) with long center fins to allow the use of the largest down to the smallest pans.