Drying cabinet TS4175WW

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  • The drying cabinet works at sub-atmospheric pressure,
    thus eliminating any leakage of air into the room

  • Twin fans and air ducts give perfect air balance and a
    uniform drying result throughout the entire cabinet

  • Four detachable hangers in stainless steel with space for
    drying four worksuits

  • Automatic drying programme.
    • 75 °C for impregnating Gore-Tex suits

    • 60 °C for quilted suits

  • Fully insulated framework gives energy-efficient drying, low external temperatures and low noise levels

  • Adjustable feet – for ease of installation

  • Big doors and big opening angle – for ease of use

  • Easy-to-read, user-friendly control panel

  • Only available in certain markets, please check with sales.


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  • Wall Instructions
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