Cold Rooms
163x243 -18/-20 °C Built-in Unit 102288
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Cold Rooms
163x243 -18/-20 °C Built-in Unit 102288

Cold/freezer room 1630x2430 th.100mm, included unit 1,70 hp

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  • Temperature controller with touch panel.

  • Very short assembly time. Expert refrigeration knowledge is not required for installation.

  • Anti-slip walk-in floor.

  • Rounded internal and external corners; all edges are radiused.

  • Fast-fit centering system allows perfect alignment of the panels. These new fasteners are made of high resistant composite materials and guarantee perfect grip of all components.

  • Conform to ruling European safety and hygiene standards and CE marked.

  • HACCP monitoring is possible trough a serial port supplied on all models.

  • Equipped with internal lighting (waterproof IP54) mounted on the refrigerating unit panel.

  • Floor surface on which the cold room will be placed should be levelled if presenting irregularities or unevenness up to 1 cm.

  • Control panel includes: luminous ON/OFF switch, internal light switch, cold room functioning indicator, defrost cycle indicator, temperature and thermostat control with digital display.

  • New vacuum injection technology allows significant and enhanced performances and higher quality.

  • Airtight panels connection, all sides of panels have PVC gasket foamed in place to assure airtight and secure fitting; any other sealing between panels on site is eliminated.

  • Defrosting through heated gas with re-evaporation of defrosting water permits to reduce the total power installed, shorten defrosting time and limit the warming of the cold room.

  • Refrigeration unit mounted on a modular panel for easy installation and quick set-up of the cold room. All the refrigeration units are tropicalized (+43°C) and use R452 refrigerant and are supplied with a high/low temperature alarm.

  • Right-hinged door is available as standard (left-hinged door on request) and constructed with smooth rounded profiles, cam-lift action hinges, airtight magnetic gasket and high insulation thus allowing to reduce energy and operating costs.

  • Newly designed handle complete with lock and interior safety release to prevent entrapment when the door is accidentally locked from outside.

  • Whenever the cold room door is opened the microswitch switches on automatically the internal light and turns off the cooling fan.

  • Panels are cladded inside and outside with anti-scratch galvanized plastified steel with 120 micron nontoxic pvc coating, polyurethane foam insulation, CFC and HCFC free.


  • Supply voltage: 230 V/1N ph/50 Hz
  • Total Watts: 1.4 kW
Refrigeration Data
  • Compressor power: 1.7 hp
Key Information:
  • External dimensions, Width: 1830 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 2230 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 2630 mm
  • Net weight: 492 kg
  • Usable surface area 3,96 m²
  • Usable volume 8,0 m³


  • CAD Drawings
  • Toodete tehnilised lehed
  • Eco Guide

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Cold Rooms<br>163x243 -18/-20 °C Built-in Unit

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