Ice Flaker
Granular 280kg/24h with 200kg S/S bin - Air cooled 730210
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Ice Flaker
Granular 280kg/24h with 200kg S/S bin - Air cooled 730210

Modular ice flaker, granular, 280 kg/24h, 200kg stainless steel collection bin, air-cooled

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  • Compliant to CE requirements for safety.

  • Food grade ABS interior.

  • Fully automatic in operation.

  • Suitable for gravity drain only (no pumps needed).

  • Rated output is at an ambient air temperature of 21°C and water supply temperature of 15°C.

  • Model available in air-cooled version.

  • Bin included.

  • The ice-making method (crushing system) guarantees compact, hygienically pure crushed ice that is resistant to melting.

  • Plug as standard (schuko type).

  • AISI 304 stainless steel exterior.

  • Supplied with flexible water supply and drain hoses.

  • Stainless steel spray arms removable without the use of tools.

  • Adjustable feet 110-150 mm.

  • Environmentally friendly: R452a as refrigerant gas.


  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/1N ph/50 Hz
  • Electrical power max.: 1.05 kW
  • Bin capacity: 200 kg
Key Information:
  • External dimensions, Width: 870 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 1795 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 790 mm
  • Net weight: 157 kg
  • Output: 280 kg/day


  • CAD Drawings
  • Toodete tehnilised lehed
  • Eco Guide

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Ice Flaker<br>Granular 280kg/24h with 200kg S/S bin - Air cooled

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