Prostore 500
1 Door Digital Refrigerator, 470lt (0/+10 °C) - R290 691238
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Prostore 500
1 Door Digital Refrigerator, 470lt (0/+10 °C) - R290 691238

1-door prostore cabinet 470lt, 0/+10°C, AISI 304, R290

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  • Large digital white-digit display with humidity selection button (3 preset level), cabinet temperature display and setting and turbo frost cycle (to rapidly cool warm loads).

  • IPX5 frontal water protection.

  • Tropicalized unit (43°C ambient temperature).

  • Fully compliant HACCP digital control: when temperature exceeds critical limits, acoustic and visual alarms are activated. Up to two months of event are kept in memory.

  • Large storage area suitable to contain 520x442 mm grids or shelves to improve net capacity.

  • Optimized airflow within the chamber guarantees uniformity of temperature on all grids.

  • Frost Watch Control: fully automatic defrost starts only when ice is actually building-up in the evaporator and adapt the defrosting duration to guarantee perfect ice removal while optimizing energy efficiency consumption.

  • CFC and HCFC free, highly ecological refrigerant type: R290 (ecological gas in foam: cyclopentane). Hydrocarbon refrigerant gas R290 for the lowest environmental impact (GWP=3), to reduce green house and ozone depletion effects.

  • Hidden evaporator thus guaranteeing higher storage capacity and less corrosion problems.

  • Greater storage space: internal structure with numerous charging positions available to host grids, ensuring higher net capacity.

  • Adjustable temperature range from 0°C to +10°C.

  • Insulation thickness: 65 mm of polyurethane injected with ecological foaming gas cyclopentane to ensure effective insulation with minimum energy consumption (thermal conductivity: 0,020 W/m*K).

  • Removable triple-chamber balloon magnetic gasket to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption and ease of cleaning.

  • Cleaning-free condenser: the structure of the wire frame condenser prevents dust and grease accumulation thus avoiding periodical cleaning operations and reducing energy consumption.

  • Optical door microswitch to stop the fan once the door is opened, thus minimizing energy waste.

  • Model requires only 1 phase 230V/50Hz supply and can be plugged straight into an existing power socket.

  • Interior LED light to save energy and for best internal visibility.

  • Automatic evaporation of the defrosting water by hot gas on the top for energy saving.

  • Prearranged to fit RS485 port to facilitate connection to a remote computer and integrated HACCP systems.

  • Complies with main international certification bodies and is CE marked.

  • High resistance foot pedal included.

  • Prearranged for remote alarm.

  • Low noise level.

  • Self closing and on site reversible left/right doors.

  • This appliance is intended for use in ambient temperatures up to 40°C.

  • ECA listed.

  • Stainless steel AISI 304 external panels (galvanized external back).

  • Inner cell with rounded corners, bottom pressed in only one piece.

  • Stainless steel runners and supports easily disassembled.

  • Internal components removable without the use of tools to facilitate cleaning operations.

  • Pressed stainless steel door handle without joints gathering dust and dirt.

  • Easy access to the main components for maintenance.

  • Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.


  • Supply voltage: 230 V/1 ph/50 Hz
  • Electrical power max.: 0.2 kW
Product Information (EU Regulation 2015/1094)
  • Energy Class: D
  • Yearly and daily energy consumption: 628kWh/year - 1.72kWkWh/24h
  • Climate class: Heavy Duty (5)
  • Energy Efficiency Index (EEI): 55,64
  • Type of model: vertical chilled
Key Information:
  • Gross capacity: 470 lt
  • Net Volume: 316 lt
  • Door hinges:
  • External dimensions, Width: 600 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 2040 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 700 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth with Doors Open: 1226 mm
  • Number and type of doors: 1 Full
  • Internal Dimensions (depth): 582 mm
  • Internal Dimensions (height): 1474 mm
  • Internal Dimensions (width): 472 mm
  • Noise level: 52 dBA
  • Height adjustment: 15/40 mm
  • Number and type of grids (included): 5 - 520x442
  • Type of external material: 304 AISI
  • Type of internal material: 304 AISI
  • Number of positions & pitch: 44; 22 mm
Refrigeration Data
  • Control type: Digital
  • Compressor power: 1/4 hp
  • Refrigerant type: R290
  • Refrigeration power: 320 W
  • Refrigeration power at evaporation temperature: -10 °C
  • Refrigerant weight: 90 g
  • Operating temperature min.: 0 °C
  • Operating temperature max.: 10 °C
  • Operating mode: Ventilated
  • Cooling unit: Built-In
  • Defrost type: By Air


  • CAD Drawings
  • Toodete tehnilised lehed
  • Leaflets
  • Eco Guide
  • Energy Label

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